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Download/upload for Linux

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Hi all !!

I own a MZ-RH910 and want it to work under My Linux system.

Who already got a Hi-MD player work under Linux (for transferring tracks, not as an external disk) ? If someone did, How ?

I read that an english guy did.

I can't manage it to work under wine emulation. is it possible with CrossOver ?

Does Mp3 File Manager work with Mz-Rh910 ?

If yes i'd like to try emulating it.


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When you plug in the unit, can you mount it as a drive? Possibly /dev/scd_ where "_" is some number. Either that, or it might be /dev/usb_.

What flavor of linux are you running? That would be helpful information too.

Plug in the unit, and run "lsusb". What results do you get?

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Since some support for Mac exists (RH1) you *might* be able to get the PCM (WAV) to play but I think even though there's no DRM crud some sort of encryption exists otherwise Drag 'n Drop should work.

Forget about trying ATRAC or MP3 on Linux.

If you want to play music on a computer anyway then why not just store the wretched stuff on a Hard Disk as they are incredibly cheap these days. Even a 300GB disk can be had for around 150 USD and if you don't want to spend that much you can get some 80GB hard disks (external) for "peanuts".

I really can't see the point of PLAYING a MD player through a computer. If you want to edit files etc then upload.



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I'm actually updating a SUSE 10 system at the moment. After I've done that I'll have a go at seeing what I can upload from a Minidisc.

SUSE recognizes the MD device as an external device (it thinks it's a disk) so if I can find the files I might be able to upload manually.

I think Downloading from Computer to MD probably won't be possible as I'm sure there's some sort of stuff that has to be done to write the TOC (Table of contents) on the MD.

I'll start with a WAV file. If that works and if an RH10 plays MP3's natively I'll see if I can upload an MP3 file to the computer from a MD. I don't use MP3's but I can easily make one using the LAME encoder.

I'll have a go at this later this weekend and post results.

You certainly won't be able to use SS however.

Since the new RH1 (when available) will allow uploading of SP there might be some sort of "Hackable possibilties" there but we'll have to wait until we can actually get hold of an RH1.



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