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How to play MD in cars without tape decks?

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There are a couple of ways, depending on the make of your car radio.

Some of them have connections for "aux inputs", this is the best way.

If not, then there are a number of "FM transmitters" around (check EBay) for a modest amount of money.

They do work (or so I am told . . . :rolleyes:) , but don't expect fantastic quality. Some will be better than others, and probably they are all "illegal", but "quality" is relative, and in a car this may be acceptable.

There are some MD car radios around of course!


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I'm a big fan of the AUX input method. This used to be the province of higher end car stereo's, but in the past year I've put AIWA and JVC units in my cars, and they're just fine for only about $150 each. Time it well, and Circuit City / Best Buy will install for free.

Had a car MD unit, well two actually, in the past, and they were great, but this method is less pricey, especially if you already have the portable MD to connect. Given that these units will play MP3 cd's, they actually work out far cheaper, as you don't have to buy a CD changer to work alongside the MD deck.

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My car stereo don't have the AUX in so I used cassette adopter but is noisy. I bought an FM transmitter but the quality is so bad. I went to car stereo shop for hard wire and it works! Now with this method no more annoying noise, good quality and no worries about batteries.

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