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The latest LAME MP3 Stabe codec?

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Just try it!


- LAME MP3 Encoder 3.96.1 - Stable -

96KBs is actually listenable!

But 64 is still not! :(

but 96 is! :)

The current recommended Lame version is 3.97beta.


If you want something listenable at 64kbps, use AAC or Atrac3+. For Lame MP3, just stick to --preset standard.

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The only way to get halfway listenable encodings with LAME 3.97b at 96kbps is to use -V8 --vbr-new or -V7 --vbr-new, depending on what you are encoding. MP3 has too many format limitations to really sound decent below 128kbps, but the LAME developers have been astounding in their ability to squeeze every last bit of potential from the format.

BTW, in the latest hydrogenaudio public test, LAME -V5 --vbr-new (~135kbps VBR setting) was statistically tied with AAC and Vorbis, reaching transparency on about 80% of samples! Pretty impressive for ~135kbps MP3 (though I'll still be using --preset standard myself).

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Just read my last comment, sounded a bit aggressive so sorry! Haven't really tested it out too much, but I don't really think anything under 128 is listenable in my opinion, especially mp3. were you using CBR or VBR?

Aggressiave? It didn't sound that way to me!? :blink:

But anyway I don't remember what it was vbr or cbr I deleted the file since!

Ogg and flac are my prefered format... I just was testing the codec! :lol:

And atrac3plus purley due to Hi-MD...

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