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Goodbye MD, twas a great ride

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Well, that time has come...no more MD for me :(

but, before you all yell at me, at least listen to my circimstances for leaving (and where i'm going)

I was in microcenter earlier today with my bro, and saw a contest that store was running...drop your name in the box, and win your choice of MP3 player! I said "WTF, not like I'll iwn anyway"

Well, apparently I was the only one who entered! :blink:

They call me at home at around 8-ish, saying what happened, and I have free range over any (well, sub $200) MP3 player

I go in, thinking I'll suprise the GF with one. But then I see it...the NW-HD1

Screw the GF...IT'S MINE!!!

It's charging right now, and I'm dancing with glee!!

So, I haven't completly left the ATRAC fold, just MD.....my brother is getting my NF-610, and the GF will get my NH-600d

It was since while it lasted! THNX A BUNCH YOU GUYS!!!!!

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If that store has another contest, but this time for the RH1, you'd better enter it... or else. :P Kidding. Maybe you can get your brother and girlfriend to join this forum now. Congratulations on your prize.

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i'll give you 3 months and youll be back!

True. I bought my ZEN 20Gb around Xmas and I'm starting to move towards the Hi-MD unit more and more each day. There's nothing wrong with the ZEN; it's a great device but I miss the versatility (and sound quality/signature) of Hi-MD more and more each day.

Hey darkangel, is the software any good?

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