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Semi-DIY "audio backpack"

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I bought the G2G "audio backpack" from Overstock.com....a backpack with a powered amp, a pocket for a portable device, and speakers built into the straps. Water resistant! For only $20! Marked down from $100!

Just got it. I hope no one paid a nickel over $20 for it, ever. The speakers are awful. Unlistenable. I wouldn't give them to a kid. They distort at the lowest settings. Maybe -- maybe -- if you don't give a shit, you could listen to AM talk radio on them.

But I was kind of interested in this, it fits one big use I have for portables: use on the beach. I rig portable speakers from a beach tent by hanging them from the top (now one of the Sony plug ins). It's dicey in the wind, I always worry about the speakers or the player (usually a Sony G750) taking a spill in the sand. Decent speakers and an amp built into a backpack would be perfect.

So I'm thinking of trying to make lemonade from lemons here. The backpack design is decent, if scattered (the amp is on the top, run by 4 aa batteries -- the plug in for the audio device is on a side pocket -- the wires run to the straps). The big weakness appears to be, first, the speakers. They're ultra cheap, square, thin two inch speakers that velcro into the strap. Because the design allows you to adjust the speaker placement -- you can unzip zippers all along the straps and move the speakers along lengthy velcro straps -- it seems to me that you can replace the speakers with decent speakers -- maybe even two on each side -- by replacing them and reconnecting the leads.

Any suggestions for good, thin 2" speakers that could be bought for this purpose?

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