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Onkyo MD-133 deck @ minidisco.com

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It really does look like a sweet unit....

I am very tempted, I just wish I knew for sure (either way) whether Sony (or anyone else) was planning to release a Hi-md deck.

Ohh...and yes, much better price then Audiocubes. B)

if sony makes one in the next year, i'll freaking buy everyone on the board a unit..................well maybe not, but i am almost that confident enough to say that.

i was always curious about the differences between the md-133 and the md-105, same features and specs essitentially. my guess is the build and quality of the componets are better on the 133. anybody who knows about it, your input would be appriciated!! i def might consider the 133, but i'll have to save a bit for a while. i have a black

MZ-EH1 (it is awesome, btw) and am just playing standard discs on it now. i like doing my recording on my stereo system, not on my computer. so i def need a recorder, this could be it.

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