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Quality difference between MD SP and Hi-MD Hi-SP?

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Can anyone shed some light on the audio quality difference between MD's SP and Hi-MD's Hi-SP? I know bitrate (292 v 256) doesn't tell the story, since they each use different codecs. But I am trying to explain to a friend who is upgrading from MD to Hi-MD why a recording mode with a lower bitrate is better.

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the codec itself is far newer, ask your friend if they'd use a cell phone battery from 1992, or even 1996. technology makes great strides every year.

And also don't forget to mention that Hi-MD supports 352K and PCM recording / playback. ;)

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As I've said in other threads, SP and Hi-SP each have their strengths and flaws, and since they really are two different codecs, are not easy to directly compare. Old SP had problems with ringing and smearing sharp attacks, while Hi-SP has a tendency to become grainy and electronic/metallic sounding when it's in trouble. Both will be transparent on the vast majority of things you throw at them, though.

Honestly, I'd use 352kbps ATRAC3plus over both old-school SP and the newer Hi-SP, as it sounds better than both of these.

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