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Wanted: USB cable for NH1/NH3D/DH10P

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Hi Guys!

I couldn't find a right category to post this so I post it here.

I was wondering for those who bought those model from Japan, & don't find useless the short cable would like to give it away (if you're nice hehe) or sell me theirs?

I take a lot of pics and I'm looking for the short cable as I have MCMD-R1 to tranfer pics from memory card to Hi-MD. The short cable is just easier to take along with me and easier to do transfer. the "long cable" is too long when you connect the 2 devices and it's annoying.

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This is not (?) the correct connector?

This is what came with my NH3D and what Asia's looking for (bottom, "short" cord):

IPB Image

This short cord is available with Japanese versions of the NH1 and DH10P and the Japanese-only NH3D.

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Thanks Jaylen & bland1000, that is exactly what I want. I thought that it was known that the NH1 has a priority USB cable, apparently not hehe.

for the price, well Audiocubes sells the long one brand new for only 25$...

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