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MiniDisc clearance at Wal-Mart

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#1 5-pack of Sony Color Collection 80 min blanks - now $3 (although they may still be stickered as $5)

#2 PSYC black/orange or white/green DN430 NetMD - now $30 (down from $80), brand new in package, not refurbished

Please note: The only catch is these deals are not available online. Availability and color selection will vary from store to store.

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The need for sunblock prompted my trip to Wal-Mart today. I haven't been there in months and this is what I found:


Underneath the 5+ price stickers, the original sticker on these says $79.99. Now, they're a whopping $15 even. The Wal-Mart that I went to had 4 of them right next to the HDMI cables clearanced at $2.50 and some other Wii/Xbox360 clearance stuff.

I didn't buy any (personally, I don't like the PSYC series), but I thought I'd post this in case anyone's in the market for a back-up downloader/titler, a throw-around NetMD unit, or cheapo way to get someone introduced to the format. Check your local stores if this is the unit for you.

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