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MZ- RH910

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What do you think about this md?

What about the sound quality?

Can be compared in this sense to the rh-1 one?

Pros and cons?

Is 250 € (all included) a good price?

Will you wait for the rh-1?

I'm interested in highest quality sound?


Sorry for the duplication of the post. I can't erase one :(

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- it is a good starter HiMD IMHO, but for real recording it would need the RM-MC40ELK remote to see rec-levels in the dark. Still would be a good workhorse HiMD as it is built a bit less prone to scratches etc than the RH10

- it doesn't come with the HD-digital amp IIRC... the 'sound' of the different amps are colored differently and preference is quite subjective... I have the NH900 and RH1 myself (same amp) and listened to the RH10 of a bud (same as the RH910) and I prefered the NH900/RH1, but this could have been 'habit' as well

- it can be 'compared' as they both sound better than the avarage MP3-player, but between the two of them, the amps are different and he RH1's amp is 'said to be better' ... still, as I said, the reality is very subjective here

- pro: strong, cheaper, good alround (rec and playback), easy to find,...

con: looks cheaper :P , no backlight, no OLED, (possibly) the other amp, doesn't remember rec-settings (unlike the RH1), flawed MP3-playback, no timestamp, no line-out, bigger/heavier, ... (but I'm probably forgeting a few at both sides)

- honestly?... no! When the RH910 and RH10 were launched here in Belgium they were €250 and €300 respectively... it's been a while and recently there has even been a new model launched (the RH1) so I wouldn't be prepared to still pay full price for the older lower model! You can find the RH1 < €300 (I still paid €325) and a store near me just got rid of its last RH10 for €250... so I personally wouldn't pay more than €200 for the RH910 and actually even less

- I have skipped the 2nd gen (on purpose) as I didn't think it offered much benefits over 1st gen (except for the OLED, but you do not get that on the RH910). The RH1 does offer a whole lot more! Now I'm very glad I waited...

the highest quality sound is said to come from the HD-Digital amp (NH900, NH1, RH1) but as I said this is very subjective. The bitrate is also very important, as no amp will make HiLP sound like music :lol: ... besides, the highest quality sound doesn't come from a portable IMHO...

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In short, the RH910 is a respectable unit but don´t pay too much for it. If top-notch SQ is really what you´re after then go for a model with a HD digital amp. Sure, there are some who prefer the regular analogue amp but most prefer the digital one. Having said that, differences aren´t too great and you won´t likely notice unless you´re using $100+ ´phones.

I wouldn´t say €250 is a good price. In Spain I can get it for €240 in one shop but 5 minutes up the road another shop is selling the RH10 (next model up) for the same price.

HD amp models are NH1, NH900, DH10P and RH1 (newest - best?) and the Japan-only models EH1, EH930, EH50, EH70 and NH3D.

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In Spain I can get it for €240 in one shop but 5 minutes up the road another shop is selling the RH10 (next model up) for the same price.

I'm afraid we are talking about different "spains" LOL :lol: . It's really hard to find minidisc players in this country (at least where I live which is Bilbao); I swear!.

As I see for your opinions, you would wait for the rh-1.

thanks so much to all

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con: looks cheaper

I'd say it's rather a "pro"...

Indeed, what's the point to have an expensive-looking piece of gear in the field?

More respect from fellows sound professionals? Or may be your neighbours on concerts will agree to refrain from applauding into your mics when you show them your cool device?

In the end isn't it much better to amuse friends with your final mastered recordings when they didn't even think seriously of your business? ;)

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