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I'm having some trouble uploading from my RH10. I'm using the latest SS version. When uploading a track that was originally transferred from pc to hi-md I don't get asked where I want to save it and I can see it uploading but I don't know where it goes. This doesn't happen when uploading live recordings, I then get asked where to save? I was also wondering if there is an easy way to transfer all music stored on an Hi-Md to an mp3 cd. My car stereo can handle mp3 so I thought it would be nice to make a simple copy of my favorite Hi-Md disk so I can listen the same music in my car.

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When you transfered the tracks for the first time SS must have asked you for the folder destination where you wanted the wav files to be stored. Anyway, you can set the process to be done automatically by pressing the options button (it's a sort of briefcase that appears betwwen your library and the hi-md screen when you connect your recorder) or you can access to it via the tools menu and then choose transfer, click on your hi-md and finally click on advanced. A dialog wil appear in which you'll see the option to automatically convert your transferred tracks into wav and in which folder you want them to placed.

Now for all of those tracks that have already been transferred to your SS library, simply select them and then right-click on them. Choose the option Save as wav and that's it!

Hope it is of any use...

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