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Renaming music files in SonicStage 3.4

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Hi all!

I am using SonicStage 3.4 and for some reason when I edit track names in My Library, the actual music file names (in My Music folder) do not change, which of course, makes everything a mess to sort out.

Any thoughts? And yes, I do have the rename box checked beside the "rename Music file" option under the Advanced settings tab.

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Sorry, No solution to this but Ive had the same issue.

In fact all SonicStage does when you rename a track is alter the details in the internal database. The file is left unchanged and is not renamed.

In addition, the tag data stored in the OMA files is also left un-modified. This makes HIMDRenderer tag output files with whatever the original OMA tag was, and not with the changes you've made via SonicStage

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Strange - the Rename Music Files option always works for me, and is particularly useful as many tracks by default get named with nasty underscore etc characters. In fact I'm in the middle of renaming my entire SS collection in this way...

Maybe you have multiple copies, made eg. when transferring to LP2/4. If so perhaps try deleting these...

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