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External hard drive to run Sonic Stage?

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I'm running out of disk space, fast, on my 100 gig laptop. In fact, this has happened to me a couple of times -- I have different Sonic Stage libraries on different computers. My total now is probably closing in on 200 gigs.

I'm going to have to do something soon with my main laptop...there's no room for ANYTHING, I've already got it on bare bones. So I was wondering if anyone is storing and accessing Sonic Stage and their library from an external hard drive.

Right now, I'm using an external HD for backups of my libraries. I understand that you can't combine libraries (what a pain), but what I'd like to do is take the current library and run it from an external HD of about 500 gb....which leaves a lot of room for growth.

Are any of you doing this? Are there glitches or prohibitions that prevent you from doing this? I tried this many versions ago, and for some reason, it wouldn't work...

Just checking for tips before I get on this...

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Hi there!

Yeah, I went down the same route a couple of months ago with a 300 Gig external hard drive. So now I have every single atrac file on that drive and it works perfectly! Just make sure you go to Tools -Options - General -Location to save imported tracks and change the location . Easy as that!

Have fun!



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