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Making a CD from a live recording

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Hello All,

I want to make a cd from a live recording. I want the CD to be played from either PC or card or home deck. However, I also want that cd to included text (ID tags?) when inserted into a computer or home deck.

Here are my steps:

1) I recorded a concert using the MZ-N707 in LP.

2) Using Total Recorder, I plugged my MD into PC and recorded.

3) Using Cakewalk Pyro 5 I made the CD. However, I added titles, but they don't appear when CD is in PC.

I think I know that the ID tags will only work on MP3 machines (PC, car, etc).

Can I only add titles to the CD if I convert to MP3?

Can I then burn the MP3 files to a CD using a method where it can be played on home, car or PC? I.e. nomalizing it.

Will non-MP3 players not be able to "read" the song titles? i.e. Does it have to be in CD-Text which I dont think I can add.

I hope this isn't too confusing.

I'm pretty good at the live recording. I don't fully understand getting it from MD to a "universal" CD.


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CD files are .wav files. That's what a regular CD player, and probably your car player, can read. (Your PC can probably read both .wav and .mp3 files.)

.wav files don't include the tag information that mp3 files include. Converting to .wav from .mp3 would lose the titles again. You would have to add the titles with CD Text. Only certain players can read the CD-Text--maybe not your car player or your portable CD player--but perhaps Cakewalk has a way to add the text so it will show up in those devices that can read CD-Text, like maybe your computer.

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