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RH1 displays Kanji, yet the EH1 doesn't? WTF?

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i posted this over at T-Board, but aside from Rich's reply, my problem is yet to be solved, so here is my dilemma:

i finally got to inputting Japanese characters in the song/album titles, but here's the twist. my NA version RH1 (paired w/ the 55ELK), displayed the Kanji perfectly; but the JPN EH1 wont. apart from the artist (aiko) which is displayed properly, the song titles and album titles are displayed with a series of dots............

i just find this quite frustrating. just when i thought that i got this thing down, there's always one thing that's wrong. so what am i missing here? obviously this is an EH1 problem... if i have to change the menu language, it'll be such a burden...

i've also noticed that when i insert a legacy recorded disc, there is an extra selection in the Option menu --> JP Character. with the sub-selections "Kanji First" and "Kanji & Kana"; yet not available when i inserted a disc recorded in Hi-MD format.

*sigh* can't Sony (USA) just use unicode? -- pata is right; Sony thinks Kanji is the source of all evil.

BTW, just in case of any discrepancies, i am using a Kanji-enabled remote (40ELK)

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So you're saying that the EH1 + 40ELK combo won't display Kanji? Strange as I have never had any issues and it should be fine as the 40ELK is the original remote for this unit. When you transferred the tracks to the disc (in whatever unit you used to record) were you running SS through AppLocale?

If you mean the EH1 + 55ELK then I agree I've had some problems with that.

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not only the 40ELK, but the EH1 + 55ELK wont work either. same result:.............

i was running SS via AppLocale. i know Ishi's thread specifies the AppLocale for SS 3.4, but it seems fine for SSCP.

so that's my predicament. i figured if it can work on an North American version RH1, it should be a piece of cake for a Japanese EH1; boy was i wrong.

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i am using AppLocale on SSCP. still no dice.

Weird. My last NH900/NH1 displayed kanji through the 40ELK remote and my last EH1 would display the same kanji titles - both from the same disc. I could understand it if this was coming from the 55ELK remote, but the 40ELK as well...hmmm.

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Camille - did you edit the reg key for the area code as per Ishii's thread? That's the only thing I can think of you haven't mentioned. This should definitely work as I created an MD from some Japanese cd's a couple of days ago using SS 4.0 on EN-US Windows XP recorded to an NH1 and played back on the EH1 with the 40ELK.

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i did change the reg key. i did everything mentioned in that thread. i'm gonna record one of those albums in SP, title the tracks via App SSCP, and see if it may just be a Hi-MD problem; as i mentioned in the first post, an addional selection in the OPTION menu that says "JP Character" -- but only shows up for legacy-recorded discs. i'll let you know by tomorrow.

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ok, recorded said disc in SP mode. titled tracks via App SSCP. result:

track names were either displayed random characters and spaces (none of which were in the least Japanese), and/or blank titles altogether; both tested on the RH1 and EH1 (w/ corresponding Kanji-enabled remotes)

the option "JP character" had no part of; as i still dont know what that function serves and why it only appears in legacy mode.

back to where i started: a Hi-MD disc that the RH1 can recognize the Kanji...

Ishi, where are you??

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I apologize for the delayed response; being somewhat busy as of late. Did you apply the additional registry edit for NetMD? This is essential to enable Kanji support for SP/LP2/LP4 titling. Registry edit:

1. Using regedit, go to --> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\OpenMG\PD\{F7D5CB7D-61E5-4258-AD3B-726DBAB5162C}

2. locate "UTOC4" and change its value to 3

3. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\PD

4. locate "ShowTitleHalf" and change its value to 1

Nonetheless, try the attached registry edit (copy from my system): [attachmentid=1917]

I hope it will recitfy your issue, otherwise report back and we will try and sort it out. ;)


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thanks for the reply ishi.

so here's now the situation:

i did the latter above; first, i erased the Hi-MD disc, and re-transferred it. the tracks displayed correctly on the RH1, but only the 55ELK remote will display the Kanji properly. the RH1 plus 40ELK will result in a series of dots............. and the EH1 isnt any better, it still wont display Kanji at all.

however, w/ a legacy-mode disc, titling a track in Kanji is a different story. upon plugging in my NF610, there is an additional menu in which to title tracks:

IPB Image

evidently, the drop-down menu above is not available when i plugged in the RH1 w/ a Hi-MD disc inside. anyway, regarding the legacy disc, i temporarily added Kanji to the group title, and to my surprise it works on the EH1 w/ both remotes.

i'm getting one step closer each time. so what else now is needed? and why the EH1 wont display Hi-MD tracks in Japanese properly? i'm gonna try another test recording the tracks in real-time in Hi-SP and titling via SSCP.

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well, a slight turn of events. i once again re-transferred the Hi-MD disc; played it back on the EH1 + 55ELK. the tracks displayed in a 2-line format (only the top line being used), and displaying garbage characters.

now plugging the 40ELK into the EH1. success. Kanji is displayed correctly. i have a few more discs that require Kanji. i hope it also works too. thanks ishi, rich and all. cheers!

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