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MZ-RH1-remote compatibility

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Does anyone have the MZ-RH1 paired with the 55ELK remote?i know that some of the menus can only be accessed via the remote.so can anyone who have both the unit and the 55ELK remote confirm this

* Remote Menu

o Option


+ Beep: Beep Off, Beep On.

+ Backlight: On, Off.

+ QuickMode: Quick Off, Quick On.

+ Disc Mode: MD, Hi-MD.

o SpeedCtrl: -50%, -40%, -30%, -20%, -15%, -10%, 5%, 0%, + 5%, +10%, +15%, +20%, +40%, +60%, +100%.

o Title: Track, Group, Artist, Album, Disc.

Also under the sound button of remote control there are a complete range of settings for adjusting the sound of the MZ-RH1 to your own taste or to the sound of your headphones.

* Sound Options

o Normal.

o Surround: Studio, Live, Club, Arena.

o Sound: Heavy, Pops, Jazz, Unique, Custom 1, Custom 2.

o D-Normal.

Finally with the display button on the remote control you can access a lot of information displaying the disc info or the number of the track you are listening to. By clicking on the display button several times you can show the following information:

* Display Options (remote)

o Track time (lap time)

o Track time remaining

o Track title

o Artist

o Album

o Sound preset

o Disc title

o Recording date / time

o Recording mode

quoted from the MDcenter.nl website

Can all of these menus be accessed from the 55ELK remote? i would be glad if someone can verify this? thanks a lot guys

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all the latter is correct. in many ways, the 55ELK is just a successor to the 35ELK. by accident the 55ELK split the display to 2 lines but only using the top line (leaving the bottom line blank)

if you're not willing to spend the high $$$ for the 55ELK, the 35ELK is just as good for nearly half as much.

*i neglected to mention but the search button above the >/>|| button, wont work (as it's primary function serves on the A3+ PCDPs)

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