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Creative EP630

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I own a pair of Koss PortaPro and this baby. Both sounded fantastic over my DH10P and NH-MZ900. Although the EP630's treble sounded a little to harsh sometimes, I high recommend it for people looking for a pair of cheap in-ears and for use in places like library, as there is virtually no sound leak once you put these in your ears. Enjoy!

Photos taken using DH10P.

IPB Image

IPB Image

More photos here: http://weikiatblog.blogspot.com/2006/08/cr...-pictorial.html

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from what I've been reading on head-fi.org, these phones seem to be a bargain.

Sennheiser CX300

Apparently, this is the same phone made by the same manufacturer(s), just rebadged :)

Differences seem to be the cable itself (some come with Y-shaped cable, others come with the J-shaped aka "behind the neck" earphone cable (like Sony offer on their phones). Sennheiser with 90 degree minijack as opposed to straight.

Anyway...after extensive reading, the general consensus seems to be that the suspected ebay 'fakes' (:P to use the term loosely) are actually real (or at least most of them are) and sound the seame as the real retail-packed things. Promising.

Hmmmm. :)

The Fuji-branded phone doesn't seem to be too available, from where I looked. Nor cheaper. While the market seems to be flooded with the Creative-badged model at rock-bottom prices. More news as it comes to hand ;)

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KrazyIvan did a nice pictorial/comparison of the CX300 and E3220 over at T-Board, if you're interested.

Ah! Nice write-up by KrazyIvan, there.

If anything, the tiny sound quality differences pointed out in the review can could be down to slightly different tolerances of the components (or slightly different tolerances of the ears/brain :P)

In any case, I'm eager to get my mitts on the Creative EP-630. Should be interesting. The only thing sub-optimal is the longer cable when using with a remote, but I can live with that for the price :P

Seems we have a new price/performance/sound leader, if the earbud propaganda has any truth to it ;)

Exciting times on the 'phones front!

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Seems we have a new price/performance/sound leader, if the earbud propaganda has any truth to it ;)

Ahhh, old thread....

Just a note to say I bought them ages ago and hated 'em.

Bought both the Creative and Sennheiser.

Definitely not what I'd call hi-fi...

Tizzy treble, bass only satisfying (hmm, perhaps just tolerable) when inserted well (which the earphones having a tendency to move slightly and require repositioning every now and then to get that bass back).

Stethoscope-like cable handling sounds in your ear and swooshing when wind blows were intolerable to me (first time I tried one of these in-your-ear jobbies). In short, give me regular earphones *anyday*. That said, they are better than Sony's stock headphones, if you can handle cable-movement noise and swooshing in your ears ;)

That said, there was a difference in sound between Sennheiser and Creative, though not much of a difference. Hard to pinpoint. I think I preferred the Sennheiser, though. Oh and at least one vendor on ebay was selling fakes (iHoliday), which weren't even close to what one would even class as headphones, let alone genuine :P but it seems he's outta action now...

That about wraps up my "cheap earphones" review ;)

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Just got a pair of these off ebay. Creative ones but not in Creative packaging and with a pair of their ordinary 'phones thrown in.

I agree with tekdroid that the treble is a bit "tizzy", though it helps mask my tinnitus so it's not all bad. The lead is very microphonic, more so than other 'phones I have owned, and I also have a pet peeve about the type of lead that is made to go round the back of the neck; I much prefer the type with the same length both sides.

Having said that, I much prefer these over my old Sony EX70LP's. There's no point me trying to compare them as they are so different, but they seem to suit my taste in music - mostly progressive rock - much more than the Sony's. I have another pair of Sony's - no idea of the model - which are much better than both these, but they are not the ear canal type and hurt my ears if I use them more than a few minutes.

For the price of under 5GPB for two pairs of 'phones - my better half is pleased with the other pair - I am very pleased with my purchase.

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