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just a stupid question probably as I do not know how much a forum like this can be molded to your own wishes... but, as this forum is overrun (well, perhaps that's slightly exaggerated :P ) by spam-threads perhaps something to think about:

- the spam threads are each time in the off-topic section

- they use the smiling smily as their 'thread emoticon'

perhaps we can instal a filter on the off-topic section that 'buffers' all new threads with a smily so that they aren't made public until 'approved' by a mod and if we setup a disclaimer/warning against the smily, we could warn real members so that they avoid their threads becoming buffered (but then we would only 'catch' spambots...uh, are these threads created by humans or bots? darn, I really don't know enough about the subject I guess :lol: )

well, it is just a thought... feel free to flame it down till there's nothing left but ashes :D

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