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Looking for "male to male 3.5mm lead"

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does anyone on the board know of any company that sells a regular 3.5mm male to male lead, but with a very short cable?.

I got a friend to make one for me, but it came lose so am back using a 1.5 metre cable .

Its to connect my battery box to the line in.

I velcro the battery box to the back of the unit, so the lead does not have to be very long at all


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There are several companies that custom make them. Mainly as interconnect between a DAP and portable amp but will serve the same purpose.

Kind of pricey - if you ask me: http://www.audiolineout.com/mini.html


You might also try the Head-Fi forum. There might be someone there skilled and willing to make you one for less. Personally I use a cable that I cannot remember where I aquired it. It is only about 4 inches long and works great. I think it was a modem audio interconnect for connecting the modem voice line to the sound card. Very nice cable and shielded too.

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