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RH1: Should I or not?

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Hello Chris,

Just managed to get the last one available from Sony Leicester. I can say it is a brilliant unit and I am glad I decided to get one. On sound alone, it is superb, and likewise as a downloader. Still got to test it out the recording with some songs I have wrote, but I expect it is just as great.

If you have some old mds you want to condense, need to record or just want a sublime sound, I'd definitely plump for it. For the non MD user or casual music listener, it might be lost on them. It's ideal for me at the moment, I did my research and nothing really compares, at least for all the features I wanted. I was only a casual MD user before, so I wasn't terribly biased towards the format.

Found there's a lot of pluses for this unit. At the minute, I am missing not seeing the track or artist name on the side of the main unit. It is not available to display there, only remote. But am getting used to the remote, which surprised me because it is backlit. So I think I will get used to this, and is probably more suited for when I'm recording band rehearsals etc. Uploading legacy MD's works well. So far I am uploading old SP tracks, which takes a little longer compared to downloading, but maybe that is because its SP. Can't think of any thing really bad to say about it after two solid days of use.

Yeah, definitely recommended.

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I convinced myself I needed the RH1 when my collegue and friend and my girlfriend (who is also my collegue) started borrowing my NH900 more and more to record interviews... so yeah, it's a very good reason :lol: just don't expect super-duper-it'll-blow-holes-in-your-eardrums-bass :P

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