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Sony D66SL eggo pictorial

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The Low Volta

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nice pics!

Is the silver bit on the side actually metal or painted plastic? And what is it meant to be anyway? Just for aesthetics? Nice reflection of cam on books in one of the shots! :D

Nice-lookin' phones.

Gorgeous when compared to Sennheiser's PX100/PMX100 :P

Seems like a decent choice for closed phones/high noise environments.

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the shiny bit feels colder than the rest, but I still guess it is painted plastic. It is a slightly lifted cap over a hole in the black eggo cover which gives the impression of half-closed phones, but there is a plastic film underneath so they really are closed (but there is a mod to gain bass which involves making a pea-sized hole in the plastic film after popping the cap off and putting the cap back on making them half-closed after all)

well spotted tekdroid, but they are DVD's and the pinkish thing in the background is me :lol:

indeed... I prefer these over the PX100!

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no, I'm still looking for a soldering iron :lol:

I will though, but I do not want to ruin anything and as everyone that has done it used a soldering iron, I do not dare to change a winning method, so I'll keep looking for now

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over at head-fi, a couple of users have tried it and didn't really notice too much loss in isolation. Also the mod is reversible (one can always tape the little hole again)... so as soon as I get hold of a soldering iron I'll check it out :P

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