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SP-TFB-2 Recordings

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I use the SoundPro BMC-2, which are the same microphone capsules without the in-ear mounts. They can handle loud music well when you use them through Line-in with a battery module like this:


The battery module gives the mics more power, so they can handle louder sounds. Going through Line-in bypasses the built-in preamp, which gets overloaded by loud music.

SoundPro probably makes something similar. The Mic Madness one is only about the size of a car-alarm remote.

You need to set levels with Manual Volume, probably around 15/30 with loud music.

They will hear what your ears hear. That includes loud people nearby, so if people are yelling a conversation near you, move away from them.

Look through the albums in Live Recordings to hear some of the results.

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