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tapes transfer better than computer?

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I have two questions:

1:I wonder which one is a better choice to transfer cassette tapes to Cd .Previously I used my computer to do the transfer,would it be better to buy the MZ-Rh1 to do this job.My tapes player do not have line output,therefore I use the headphone as substitute.Then record it using the sonicforge software.But it need to set at high bitrate and sampling rate because in lower bitrate the result have much noise,therefore I think my soundcard has noise.

Would the Hi-md walkman can do a better quality conversion than my computer in regarding reducing the noise level? How Hi-md compare to Iriver H-340 models ?If the Hi-md can achieve that,I will invest to buy it.

I am not sure cable to connect the Hi-md is the same as the cable to connect the computer line out?Does I need to purchase another cable to connect the Hi-md and tape player.

2:When uploading mp3 or wav to Hi-md walkman,how to guarantee no loss of sound quality?Someone say transferring through USB from computer to Hi-md will definitely loss quality ,then what to do to avoid this ?


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Well, I have done both: I used the Total Recorder software to record the tapes on the computer's hard drive with no compression, afterwards I edited the WAV file with the CoolEdit program to reduce the noise and split the tracks. With the minidisc worked the same way, after the recording at PCM format I uploaded to the computer and I edited with Cooledit. I didnt hear any notoriuos difference between both method considering that the original tape recording were not good at all.

Any minijack to minijack headphone cable can do the job.

If you transfer the mp3 file with no convertion you wont lose the mp3 original quality, but if you convert the mp3 or the wav files to Atrac you will lose some quality according to the Atrac bitrate you choose. The loss is hard to hear at high birates, although this affirmation is very subjective...

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The limitation of your computer is the soundcard. So if all you ever want to do with a Hi-MD recorder is re-record your tapes, it's possible that you would be better off investing in a good external USB soundcard. However, you wouldn't have a little portable recorder.

As far as I can tell from this Iriver webpage


the Iriver H340 does not record in .wav, so you would be losing quality as you recorded (although mp3 at 320 kbps fools most people). But you'd have to doublecheck that. Also, I know that the Iriver H1** models only record in 16-bit while MD is 20-bit (better), but I can't immediately find that information about the Iriver H3**.

I don't know what's on your cassettes, but if it's various tracks separated by silence, the MD has sync recording, which means it will make a separate track when it senses a few seconds of silence. That can be a very useful feature.

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Thanks you for all the replies.

Surprise to hear that Iriver H-1XX only record at 16 bit when compare to Hi-md,since research the web I do not notice this difference,therefore really thanks for your advice.

Does MZ-Rh1 record in 20bit too ?

Do you think hard disk drive and the Hi-md ,which is more durable and "headache-free"?I have heard Iriver H-3XX battery charger have many failure records, hard drive will not able to boot,or white/black screen after boot.I am not sure does Hi-md player have also their own problems that will drive me crazy ?

Which one is better from this point of view?

THanks a lot :lol:

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