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MZ-NH800 Strange Playback Fault

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I have a friend who I converted to minidisc and he bought a MZ-NH800.

He used it everyday for 2 years and it has now developed a fault which is unusual.

When a disk is inserted, the track and contents are read as normal by the unit.

However when it plays the sound is extremly distorted and sound like it is put through a 'flanger' type distortion.

He has cleaned the laser lens, tried different disks, changed the output from headphones to an amp and still the distorted sound continues.

Could the firmware be corrupted ?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the replies to this topic.

I have de-bugged the problem to a faulty earth on the headphone connector on the MD player. When I grounded it on one of the screws then all the distortion when away and the vocalist came back !

Without an earth the signals that are equal on the left and right channels tend to cancel out as do similar signals. Putting the earth back with my soldering iron worked a treat.

Best regards


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