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aux input for car radio through FM

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Im about to change my car, the target will be a Mazda 3. Unfortunately the factory audio system doesnt have a mp3 cd player nor a aux input. I dont want to install my xplod head unit into the console because it would damage the aesthetics.

IPB Image

Searching the web I found some solutions to connect a external player with an interface device, expensive most of them. But after some time, I found a cheap alternative: wired FM Modulator. So, does anyone know how good the sound quality is through this interface? there's a better alternative to put aux input to a head unit without them? :huh:

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FM Modulator will be okay, not great but okay. Should be better than one of those horrid FM "transmitter" things anyway.

AUX input adapter would be better but if you don't want to spend the money, the FM modulator might serve you well.

My buddy has a Mazda3. I remember his biggest complaint was how they don't even have an MP3 capable CD player, even as an option on it, LOL. I thought they were changing that for the 2007 models though, no? Or are you buying a 2006?

Personally I'm not too fond of the overall stereo system in that car, it definitely did not impress me. My friend doesn't want to change any of it for the same reasons as you--he likes to say "it's okay for a factory system" LOL. If it were me I wouldn't care about losing some of the looks and features of the dash for an aftermarket unit, but that's just me. At the least you might want to look into replacing the front speakers with an aftermarket component set.

There is another way of installing your aftermarket, btw. You've probably figured that out from your searching though? They sell a kit to mount a single DIN unit lower on the dash, in front of the shifter or whatever. You could go that route with your old HU, but I'm guessing you probably don't want to do that either (my friend didn't LOL).

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Thanks, after some long reflection, I think that I will take the FM modulator route for the moment just to save some money for the rear spoiler. If the sound quality becomes too bad to be bearable then I will put the xplod HU where lighter is. I dont want to put the kit because the cumputer display would be wasted. btw the car model is 2007 ^_^

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