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Key Generation Wizard BUG


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Hi everybody!

The GYM Key Generation Wizard has the collateral effect of damaging the ATRAC tracks in your device. Although they still play on sonicstage, your device will display an error.

Yes, this is a bug, and I don't know how to solve it! :D

Sorry for that!

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Thank you, Stuge.

On startup I had this error:

Repairing Database message. -everytime I started my NW-HD5-

Sometimes? followed by "No Database Found"

But I'm alright, Initialized the device and transferred all my tracks again using mp3fm. Took some time, but It's working fine.

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Ok...I am able to copy all my songs from my NW-HD5 to my computer...but I'm not able to copy the ATRAC files....but they are not corrupted!!!

I have done the KeyWizard procedure using MP3 File Manager, but after that I lost all my Playlists in GYM. So I decided to replase all the db files from the /OMGAUDIO folder with the one that was backupped in the folder db_backup, and restarting GYM now I can see all my Playlists....and the important thing is that I am able to copy/extract all the .mp3 files back on my computer...and with mi Playlists visible, I am able to make personal folders about their content.

The only problem is that the ATRAC files are not usefull....but they work just fine in SonicStage and playing them form the device!!!!

They are still working in the device...they are not corrupted!!!!......but I cannot either play or extract them from GYM!!

All the these files are lighted in blue, and Ido not have them as backup. There are approximately 100 songs and I need to extract them. All other files are MP3s and they just work fine.

What can I do??

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