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Stereo Boundary Mics

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I'm not great shakes in way of mics but I'm using the Visivox SCM-PRO – which I bought for $55.00 USD

This has a wide pickup arc and comes as a pair of mics so you could place them six feet from one another to pick up the discussion in the classroom and feed it into the two channels.



is a Canadian company and I'm in Australia and I also use a Sony electret which captures any hand noise. My mistaken buy I think.I'm sticking with Visivox in future.

I'm amazed at the sound quality. I recorded a talk which a mate of mine broadcast over radio and he was praising the sound.(I was chuffed).

These have a lapel clip option and no stand -- but you could clip them to anything really--like the back of a chair .

There's a review here of it as a soundscape vehicle:


VISIVOX SCM-PRO STEREO Recording Microphone. Designed for fast and reliable recording anywhere, with NO hassles! Just plug into the side of your Minidisc, DAT or Cassette recorder and you are recording in full HI-FI Stereo. The Visivox SCM-PRO features five foot individually placed mic elements for Left and Right channels. Flexible microphone cords are summed at a convenient junction where one cord is terminated in a 3.5mm mini-plug for input to your recorder. Interchangeable microphone elements may be upgraded or changed out at any time. You saw it here first! Requires no batteries and takes advantage of the power in your minidisc, DAT or Cassette recorder, a system known as "Plug in Power" a standard feature on most all minidisc, DAT, and Cassette recorders.

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