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Simple drag and drop audio editor?

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Audacity is good but I much prefer GoldWave. GW isn't free but it has a trial version that isn't crippled in any way so you can try it out before buying it. It only costs around $45 and it is considerably more powerful than Audacity and IMO it's much easier to work with than Audacity.

FWIW I don't think either GW or Audacity are totally kid friendly but they aren't difficult to learn either. IMO it's easier to cut and paste in GW which is probably the most important feature for a kid friendly program.

I've been using GW for years (since long before there was a program called Audacity so maybe I'm prejudiced). There are things it doesn't do well but not that many. But it is definitely more powerful than Audacity and it isn't any harder to learn. In fact it's probably easier to learn.

Reaper appears to be a multi-track audio program where you combine multiple tracks into a single track. GW and Audacity are more about editing a single track and making adjustments to the sound. You might want to take that into account. I'm not sure which type you would prefer. You may want to try them all to see which one gets used by the kids.

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