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old JB 930 & new 480:> same sudden problem ?

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Hello gang,

who knows when someone will stumble across this & reply....but what are my choices ??

The fact that my 5 year old JB-930 has again gone TOC goofy is no surprize __new variations like hard to turn off/on or eject were new and odd. but to discover the precise same behavior in my 4 month-old, barely used 480 ??!??!

If I hit off in just the right spot, that works...but i can't control anything else outside of the AMS knob, and i can't eject the current disc !

What would effect BoTH units like this ?....did the ship from The Matrix pass by while hitting the electromagnetic pulse ???

HeLP !!! [oh, please]

*~* ---=Dave

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i have a JE520 that doesn't ejects OFTEN;; but all i do is disconnect the power chord;; and plug it back in immediately..

then the "TOC" flashes and the the text appears;; then,, i eject the disc;; which has all it's music in tact..

it does this in a cycle;; i assume;; about once every 10 or 15 times..

i own MUCHO more units and none of them do it;; but some have other small problems..

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