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old & new, in tandem

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Gotta be brief !

My 5 year old, heavily used JB 930, & my months old, barely used JE 480 have suddenly joined forces in goofery aGaiN !

THIS time they're turning themselves on & off....over & over .

What could cause such never-before-seen bizarre behavior in 2 [ stacked ] units so far apart in age ?????

Had a similar thread weeks ago, if you care to search that way...by name i suppose ?

any clues out there ???



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in the earlier thread, a couple of folks suggested things like a stuck front-button, but it wasn't...and in THiS new case, isn't that easy.

It's 2 decks in tandem, I'm about convinced it's digital poltergeist !

Hang on, after unplug / replugs didn't help..I've located all remotes, in case one was pressing & bobbing on something. Seems to have cooled-out.

If that was IT, I'm both relieved & embarrassed !

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