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HI-MD in the car?

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Greetings all, hope you had a good Xmas and New Year.

This is first my post on this message board, but have been using MD since college. I've now amassed about 4 portables, one deck and one mini-hifi (did have an MZ-N1 but it died)! :lol:

I've been 'umming' and 'arring' over getting an RH1 since last year and have decided to get one after my next pay cheque. Primarily so I can backup my old SP recordings. As an extra bonus, I know that there aren't any HI-MD car head units available at the moment. So was thinking of getting a cheap CD player deck with aux in and piping the music in from a HI-MD portable so I can get a couple of hours from one disc. (I've decided against an MD changer.)

Of I course don't want an RH1 rattling round in the car, so what I want to ask is, if an MZ-EH1 is too expensive or unavilable... would a second gen HI-MD portable (e.g. Sony MZ-NH600D) be able to play HI-SP recordings made on the RH1 (3rd generation)?

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: I have emailed the question to the local Sony centre, but wanted another more seasoned opinion.

P.P.S: Viva MD!

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Thanks for the replies. I had a good search of the forum, but couldn't find any car audio related accessories.

Should have mentioned that I recently graduated with an electronics degree, so aren't afraid to whip up a over-sized remote or something :D and being a 'poor' graduate I want to keep the cost minimal. As for the NH600, it was the lowest Hi-Md portable I could find... so if the portable for the car has to be a later model, thats fine. ;)

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