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RCA, phono, digital interconnects - max length?

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Hi guys

I was just wondering what the maximum length of RCA / phono hifi interconnects is?

All mine are Cambridge Audio Pacific 1m long, but I was wondering if there are any longer available?

Basically I want to hook my mixer (Pioneer DJM600) up to my surround sound receiver that's the other side of the room. Probably about 15-20m away.

I'm assuming it would be better to do this digitally though, as I guess these digital standards can have a longer max cable length than conventional analogue interconnects.

What's the maximum length of digital optical / coax cable you can get?

What are the max lengths I could use without having quality loss?

Also are there any adaptors that can convert an analogue RCA connection into a digital optical / coax or something?

I know I could get a full-on DAC, but I was wondering if there's anything smaller / cheaper?

Out of interest, are there any other digital cable standards that might be useful for this and give a longer transmission distance?

Using ethernet cables or other fibre optic standards for example? :D

Anyone know of any sites I can look at some longer hifi cables?

I'm in the UK.

Any comments / suggestions on how best to do this? :D :D



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