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Anyone order a case from cases.com?

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What is really unique about this site is how they will custom-design a case to supposedly any MD player you tell them...


But what I'd like to know is 1) how does it LOOK (they have like ONE generic photo used for every case on the site, and it's just one angle, etc.), and 2) how tight is it? Meaning does it allow for a remote plug-in to the side of your md unit to let a chord dangle out of the case?

I would really appreciate anyone who has one of these cases to post pics. Thanks.

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I had come across that site a year or two ago...seems that it hasn't changed and am wondering what the deal is, if they're still in business because all of the device models they have listed seem rather ancient. So, always being on the lookout for something new and worthwhile, I just sent them an email.

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