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Sync'ing Contents of NW-A with Library in Connect

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The full sync option in Connect works fine and the device is updated accordingly whenever the Library is updated / changed. However, I've recently been using another PC with Connect. I've transferred extra tracks from the second Library (on the other PC) to my device and now I'd like my Library (on my PC) to be updated accordingly. Can this be done? I've messed up my Library as a result of experimentation - I selected all albums / tracks on my device and pasted in to my Library. I let it take it's time (overnight) and it appears to have messed up a few things:

- Some duplicate tracks have been added. So one album for one artist has two of every track.

- In the Library list (always sorted by Album Artist / Album), the Album Artist has been ignored, and some of the extra albums have been added to the top of the list with an Album Artist called "n Albums" (say '50'), although a few have correctly been sorted by Album Artist and Album (new Album Artist / Album entries have been made in the Library list).

- Some albums that were part of the selection haven't appeared in the Library - no idea why they weren't copied, I gave the action enough time - overnight (6 hours) and my PC's hard drive has more than enough free space to cater for them.

Good job my NW-A1000 hasn't been affected at all - I was worried that many albums would be removed from the device (as they weren't in the Library) as it was set to Full Sync. My library is now in a right mess! Full sync'ing the device with the Library works, but not vice versa - is that correct or have I just used the wrong method?

Can I delete my entire Library in Connect (with 'manual sync' set on) and then copy all contents from my NW-A back in to the Library to start afresh?

Any help or advice would be appreciated! :) Thanks!



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