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Good Price for MZ-NH600 in UK

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I am sure many of you have spotted the MZ-NH600 for 75 GB beer tokens including p+p at


I have just weakened and bought one. Super fast delivery (1 day) and a nice (but clunky ) pouch. Great service.

As an everyday knockabout machine it is excellent and it does have line in (analogue and digital) as it is the European model. No remote or mic input though.

>Just tried the RM-MC40ELK, the 600 seems to drive it correctly as a full 3 line display (unlike the 710)

The HiMD blanks are a good price here also.

Best regards to the forum.


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Not often I can say "It's cheaper in Oz" but i got aMZ-NH600 in Nov 06 for AUD$99 + $11 p+p [That's GB45] and when i dropped it last week and it died [so I don't know about knockabout] I replaced it 2 days later with another at the same price.

MZ-NH600 in Oz

Unfortunately they only post to Aust/NZ as well but if you have any friends in Oz I'm sure the post to UK isn't GB30

The reason it took 2 days not 1 was that they were out of stock and had more coming in. There must be a warehouse of tese things somewhere cause they arent current models and the guy didnt think they'd be running out soon.

It's my first minidisc and for a cheapie it works real good.

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