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My headphones broke, What new ones should i get?

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My Ksc-75 broke for the same reason as my headphones use to break

after about 6 months or so one of the channel stop working (Except if you move cable a bit)

I suffered this headphone problem all my life , maybe thats why i hate headphone cables,

Please someone release good wireless headphones for Md/mp3 players :)

I also have a Ksc-35 but i have been using it some months now.


So i plan to get Ksc-75 repaired on warranty and then meanwhile buy a Extra Headphone

I realy loved the Ksc-35 sound i dont know if i could live without a poorer sound

but i can live with a better sound :)

I been considering a bit what headphone i should get

I have a Black Samsung yp-k5 mp3 player (one with speakers) and a Blue Sony Net-md player

First i though about maybe Earphone is best since is so popular

but after reading headphone.com I understand that earphone are just popular because they cheap thats all.

(except if they are ECHs in canal phones)

But do i need a earphone i dont know?

i already have one that came with my Samsung Yp-k5 not the best thats it

but is better than cheaper ipod or Sony mindisc headphones.

Ok so The most famous Earphone is Sony E888 it look ok and probaly sound good

better than Koss ksc-35 i dont know?


But acording Headphone.com Sennheiser Mx350 is better (But sony look nicer):


Then there is ECHs which is the best you can get

but Hey i have never used ECHs how will my earcanal liked it

and whats worst My Wallet dont like ECHs prices

Except for maybe Ultimate Ears super.fi 3 studio

but still a bit pricey for me.

but for being ECHs they great:



When talking Clip-ons

there is just 2 good chooses here

Koss Ksc-35 and 75 which i already have.

Ksc-35 is the best sound i have ever heard

but they painful on the ear after 1 hour.

Now considering my Headphone problems

having the Wirecable broke usually after 5-6 months

maybe i need Streetstyle?

ticker cable?

Sony normaly last 2 years for me

and there is this G74 i maybe can get in local store:


But Headphone.com dont recomend it

they prefer Sennheiser Pmx 100:


or Sennheiser Pmx200:


Sennheiser Px100 is also pretty

but Do i love having the headphone over head

NOOOOOOOOO cos it corrupt my hairstyle :)


So what should i get

I still will have the Koss

but i need another , oh and i dont like Koss porta pro too Big and ugly.

Condition are:

- Sound as good or better than Koss ksc-35

- Last more than 6 months

- Good for Rock and Jazz music at max volume with my mp3/Md player

- Must be foldable (exception are earphone and clip-on ofcourse)

- Not be too pricey.

Any recomendation :pleasantry:

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Condition are:

- Sound as good or better than Koss ksc-35

- Last more than 6 months

- Good for Rock and Jazz music at max volume with my mp3/Md player

- Must be foldable (exception are earphone and clip-on ofcourse)

- Not be too pricey.

I have had the Sennheiser PX100 in black (not Ipod white) for a couple of years. I have had to replace the foam earpads a few times, but you can find replacements at Radio Shack. They sound better to me than my Koss Portapro, and they are so comfortable you forget you are wearing them. The PX200 don't sound nearly as good.

I don't quite understand the PMX-100 photos. They look like the PX-100 plus a hook over the ear. But why have both a headband and a hook?

A wireless headphone needs a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter would be FM--not as high fidelity as a direct connection. If you're really desperate for wireless, you could get one of the FM transmitters used for car audio, like the Belkin Tunecast, and a headphone FM radio. But don't expect great sound.

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If you want top quality get yourself as set of Sony MDR-7506's. They are the industry standard for studios. They maybe aren't the best phones for mobile use (because they are over the ear and fairly large) but they sound very good.

It may sound ridiculous but the best ear buds I've ever heard came with my wife's iRiver IFP-890 mp3 player. We paid less than $20 for the iRiver and the phones. I've seen them on eBay for that price several times lately. Yeah I know. I tried to tell my wife that I had a good MD she could use but she said it was too big.

When we got the iRiver (just last week) I was amazed at how well the phones sounded. They can easily compete with much more expensive phones that don't come with an mp3 player as a bonus. :)

BTW the iRiver doesn't sound bad either. It's no MD but it's better than an iPod (both my kids have iPods so I have direct experience with them - they're just too flat sounding). Plus they record from a stereo mic or the built in radio. I intend to borrow it for my video business occassionally.

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Hi, i currently use ksc75s and own lots of others, firstly the sennheiser 350s are not in the same league as the e888lp (e888 not comfy), never mind your ksc75.

PX100 are good but again ksc75 is better.

I will never go back to in-ear buds after using the ksc75s ,they sound boxed in and have none of the airyness of open cans.

I have the cx300s they are about the best in-ears i have had , better to my ears than the shure e2, e3 and e4 which are all cold sounding due to the complete lack of coherent bass.

If i were you i would buy another set of ksc75 for backup and get yours fixed, or portapros are nice also bit more bass than ksc75 though.

Iriver ship with sennheisers usually rebadged 400s.

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If i were you i would buy another set of ksc75 for backup and get yours fixed, or portapros are nice also bit more bass than ksc75 though.

I own both Ksc-35 and ksc-75 and prefer Ksc-35 over 75

but yea they not so compfy.

I maybe could get another Ksc-35 if i found for a cheap price

or i could go for Sennheiser Px100

Anyone know if the Sennheiser Pxm100 sound as good as the Px100?

or should i just stop thinking about the Pxm?

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I meant the e888lp is uncomfy, i find the ksc75 very comfy when fitted right, dont expext the px or pmx100 to sound as good as ksc75 because it doesnt, it has less detail , less bass but the mids are similar, i just dont think it is balanced as well as the ksc75.

I am thinking about buying a set of igrados and cutting the neck off and bending the remaining plastic into clipons, i heard them the other day and was impressed!

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@A440: PMX100 has a neckband, not headband... ergo the hooks :lol:

the PMX100 sounds the same as the PX100 provided you can get them positioned correctly (I have both and while the PMX doesn't 'mess up the hair', I prefer the PX for comfort and style) and I prefer the 100 > 200 by far (auditioned the 200 at a local store)

I'll be recieving the KSC75 next week and then I can compare the sound :P

I'd also chip in a vote for the grado SR60 if you are into rock

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...I don't quite understand the PMX-100 photos. They look like the PX-100 plus a hook over the ear. But why have both a headband and a hook? ...

The PMX100 go around the back of your neck not over your head. Hence neckband. The PX100 is the same earphone with a headband.

I have the PMX100. I like the neck band but no so keen on the sound. Bass is a bit too much and a little muddy. I suspect the Ksc-35 and ksc-75 are the best you'll get at the price and probably a little more balanced than the PX100's. My favorite buds are the Sennheiser MX500's though I've a set Sennheiser CX300's and they sound great but only if you get them to fit right. I don't find them comfy though. The next phones I'd like to try are the Sony MDR-EX90's. They get decent reviews everywhere.


More head phone info here...


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@A440: PMX100 has a neckband, not headband... ergo the hooks :lol:

... I'd also chip in a vote for the grado SR60 if you are into rock

Thanks for the explanation. Sennheiser is generally very smart about fit, so the photo didn't make sense to me--now it does.

Grados are a whole different animal--not foldable. I love to death my SR125s--they are my favorite sounding headphones ever. But they are the home headphones, not the portable ones. Reviews of the iGrado have been mixed.

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I know I'm repeating myself but if you don't give the Sony MDR-7506 a chance you are making a mistake. I'm not saying you have to buy them. There are obviously other fine phones on the market but the 7506's are something special. If you check out their ratings on Amazon you'll see that these phones are rated higher than anything made by Sennheiser and that's at half the cost of some Senn. models. Then read the reviews there.

They've been called "the best headphones ever" when they were still being sold as MDR-V6's. There are lots of reviews of them on that site also. They also rate higher on zzSounds than the best from Senn.. You can read a lot of reviews of them on this site. Notice that one person brought down their score considerably because he said they weren't durable so he gave them a 5 out of 10. I've been using the same set for about 15 years so I disagree with the assertion that they aren't durable. I will agree with the other common complaint which is that a coiled cord isn't a good idea. But these phones were designed at a time when all phones had coiled cords. It isn't that much of a problem but one guy said he would have given them a 10 if not for the coiled cord. He gave them an 8 instead. That's the kind of complaint people have with them. The sound quality is rarely questioned. They just sound great.

You can find reviews of them all over the web and the results are always good. They are excellent phones. They are foldable too. If you don't mind the extra size of over the ear phones (which are the best sounding phones you can get of course) you will have a hard time beating these phones. Lots of people do use them when they're mobile. I do sometimes. The bottom line is they are VERY hard to beat when it comes to their sound quality which is what it's really all about IMO.

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Well ain't you guys too cool. You never said anything about where you would be wearing them cool breeze. Just maybe you might notice that I said they were large in my first post about them.

BTW I figured out why the ear buds that came with my wife's iRiver sounded so good. They're Sennheisers. But since all I got for trying to help was a testy response I won't bother trying to help you again. You're probably too cool to want to get a very good set of Senn.'s with an MP3 player to boot for $20. So no way I'd want to help someone who is obviously so cool they don't need help. Hey they must sound better if you pay more right? Who wants to save money anyway?

And since we're at it why not forget posting multiple photos of phones in a forum so those with dialup connections can actually read your post without waiting half an hour. People who post multiple images for no reason are the kinds of people I would cross the street to avoid. I mean really. Nothing says geek like flooding a forum with photos where no one else posts them except when they are useful.

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Nothing says mug me quite like a full set of cans.

Turn off inline images in your browser if its a problem.

Sennheisers MX400, 500's are my fav earbuds. A lot of people don't like them because they aren't HiFi. But they work for me. I still have some situational awareness when wearing them in the office or on the street. A lot of players iRiver/iAudio come with MX300's but I've never heard them. The newer 450/550 I don't like at all. Of course a CX300 is better, but its a different kinda earphone for a different use case.

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I don't wear my V6's walking up and down the street either. I have never done that in the 15 years plus that I've owned them. But nothing was said of the intended use of the phones in this discussion. I do take my V6's when I shoot video for my projects. I monitor the audio with them. But there was no reason to get insulting concerning my suggestion.

I haven't been able to figure out exactly what model Senn.'s came with the iRiver MP3 player/recorders I just bought. I bought one for my wife and I liked the sound quality well enough to use it to record voice for my video projects plus the headphones were excellent for earbuds. Considering I got the whole package for $20 I thought it was a steal. Those buds will compare favorably to any buds I've ever listened to. I actually got a different set of buds with the second IFP-890 I bought though. They are nearly identical to the first set but not exactly. And these do say Sennheiser on them. The second set I got does look like the MX300 which is sold pretty cheap elsewhere. These are decent phones but not like the first set. The first set that came with the player I got for my wife are considerably better than the second set. Both are decent but the first set was very good. I bought the players from different locations so I assume a person could get the good phones from the first location I bought from. I would guess that the set that came with the first iRiver was either the MX400 or MX500. They resemble both models. But all of the models in that range are similar but the 450 has a bend that mine don't have so that isn't what they are. It's kinda hard to tell from the photos I see though. I just know the first set I got sound really good and the second set is pretty good (not as good as the first set).

And I never said the images were a problem for me. I just said they were a hassle for anyone on dialup. Even when I had a 6mbps connection I didn't particularly like to download images for no reason in a thread.

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You choose to download the images by not turning it off. regardless of what connection you have.

MX500/550 have an inline volume control. The 400/450 don't. The 300/350's are a lesser bud. Though all of them are cheap buds.

The Sony MDR-7506 are really for a different use than the other earphones posted. That said the guys on HeadFi have some pretty huge headphones they consider portable. If you spend to long there you can get hooked into their madness.

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I know about choosing not to download images. There are those that don't. Every board I've ever posted on wanted people to only post images when it was a needed part of the information being conveyed. Posting image after image for no good reason would violate the TOS of pretty much every board I've ever posted on.

I also know these are cheap earbuds. That doesn't make them sound bad. Lots of people associate price with quality no matter how many times they see examples of how that's not always the case. Giant Squid mics are a perfect example.

And as I said I don't know what model or brand the first buds I got are. I'm pretty convinced that the second set are the 300's. They aren't as good as the first set.

I saw the list of phones posted. That doesn't mean I should be expected to read the mind of a poster. If he only wanted phones suitable for mobile use maybe he should have said so instead of being rude. But some people think it's cool to insult other people's intelligence. Usually those people aren't nearly as smart as they think they are. Just like you trying to explain to me that 7506's are different from the phones listed in the post. That doesn't preclude mentioning other types of phones. If he didn't want to use the information that's certainly his prerogative. But the rude comments were uncalled for. And no matter how long you try to defend them it will still be the case that the rude comments weren't called for. I don't expect you to understand that because you jumped in with rude comments of your own. I don't know about you but I'm here to help people if I can and receive help when I can. I don't insult people for trying to help me. Obviously you don't share that maxim. I'll continue to view those who don't understand basic human respect as someone who will suffer the consequences of their own folly. Don't be surprised when you have to face the other side of uncivil actions when you promote the dearth of civility yourself. It may not be all that pleasant for you when it happens. In fact it can be extremely distasteful when civilization breaks down. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind is how the axiom goes.

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