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Purchasing of retro MD recorders...

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Hi. I just purchased an MZ-R37 off E-bay. I have had others and currently own the MZ-NH1, but I wanted an older one for "heavier" use. Here's the question: Did Sony only allow sound to come through one headphone/speaker when recording from line-in on MZ-R37, or is this just a short in the recorder. The mic input records with playback on both sides.

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As matter fact try how firm your line in jack is pushed in the player. I had a legacy recorder that had this problem and I would just try jimmy it in the jack until it worked right. I eventually got a new line at Radio Shack that I didn't have to do this with. Must have been a difference in tolerences in the manufacturing. So don't give up hope. If you never really get this to work you may still have a chance if you get a CD player with optical out and use that into your line in, it should not be effected the same way as analog in. POE.

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If the short is in the cable it will be very easy to fix. You need to check that first. And the connection may not be seating correctly as poe mentioned. If you don't get better results using a different cable it may be difficult to fix. If the jack itself is loose inside the MD player it's been my experience with all things electronic that the chances of successfully fixing something like this aren't too good. You can sometimes jostle the connection and get it to work but if there's a short there it will eventually get worse.

There are still uses for this player though. If you have another MD you can record your discs to it and use the R37 as a player. You can also still use the R37 to record to the mic input. If you don't need that try selling it on eBay to someone who does need it. If I didn't already have several recorders I might buy something like that.

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