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Changing the Bitrate on tracks in Sonic stage

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GQ Smooth

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Please be more specific, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

If you want to have CD ripped lossy tracks in a different bitrate, it is recommended to re-rip them. Transcoding of lossy files, if possible, will give inferior quality. Losslessly compressed files are a good basis for conversion.

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it will be transcoding from one lossy format to another and that means SQ-loss, unless you have them stored in a lossless format right now (WAV/PCM or Atrac lossless, in the latter case, you still need to go Atrac lossless -> wav -> new bitrate to keep SQ as otherwise the lossy part will be used for the conversion anyway)

sorry to say this, but you'll probably have to re-rip or live with the SQ-loss

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