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Problems downloading from Connect Store

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Hello everyone!

I haven't been here in a while but you guys always know how to save my a$$ so I am hoping you can help me out again. Here goes..

I've just aquired SS 4.2 and at first it worked like a charm. I bought some songs thru the CONNECT store and everything was fine. BUT....I can only get 5 of the 11 songs downloaded. For some reason, the download process just *stops* at a certain point. I get about 40% of some tunes and perhaps 55% of others. What happens in the middle of a download is that the progress bar freezes, the percentage downloaded/time remaining indicator stops blinking, the Windows hourglass shows up and the hard drive starts spinning and the light on the tower modem starts glowing like crazy. Then the progress window in the upper right hand corner just fades out completely and goes blank. Just like when you finish transferring something into the program. I don't get an error message at all, it's as if the download just...well....pooped out!

I have called Sony 5 times...they tell me the same thing. Allow pop-ups....turn off the fire wall....delete the ResumeOMG...etc...dmf file...clear the cache...clear the browsing history....turn off the web accellerators....everything! In any case nothing works. The only thing I can think of is that I am using dial-up and because the files of the remaining songs are so big (remaining tunes are 7-15 minutes long in length) the computer just can't handle the task.

If anyone has any great ideas, I'd be more than thrilled to hear them. It would save me for ripping out what hair is left.

Thanks as always for any help you can offer...;)

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