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WTB: hi-md recorder

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Hello, I'm new to the forum but I've been a MD enthusiast ever since my 707 purchase. I am looking to upgrade to something that will allow me to record in hi-md format and upload to my PC. correct me if I am wrong but I would be looking for an MZ-NH1, or MZ-M200.

Thanks for the help in making the decision to purchase a hi-md recorder. The information that is shared in this forum seems very valuable.



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Welcome to the forums Donny,

If you want the ability to upload your N707 recordings, you will need the MZ-RH1/MZ-M200. This is the only model that will upload your older recordings.

If you simply want to be able to upload your recordings from here on out, any Hi-MD recorder will do, check out the equipment browser here: http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html

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The only difference between the MZ-RH1 and the MZ-M200 is that the M-200 is packaged with a Sony DS70P microphone. If you already have a better microphone, just go for the RH-1.

And just to re-emphasize, only the MZ-RH1 will upload old MD recordings. If you don't care about doing that and only want to upload the new recordings that you make, you can save a little money by looking for the MZ-NH700.

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Unfortunately price generally is what the market will bear. I love my NH1's, but for the average user the NH700 is probably your best choice. The RH10's seemed to be an answer to a question nobody asked (don't want to offend any RH 10 owners, OLED does look neat) Go with the NH700, and when you need the upgrade, go to the RH1.

Have fun.


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I paid $115 US for a used NHF800 with a lot of discs a while back but since then the price has gone up on new and used HIMD models. Because they are becoming more scarce as old stock selling on eBay people are willing to pay more to make sure they get one before they're all gone. My guess is you should expect to pay $150 or more for a used first gen HIMD. But you might get lucky and find one cheaper. I believe the place in Londond that has been selling old stock first gen units is still selling a few . I think they go for around $160-$175 US but they only sell to verified eBay account holders. It's easy enough to get verified I suppose if you're willing to give access to your bank account to eBay. Personally I would never do that.

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Thanks for the pricing info! I kind of want an RH-10, despite the flaws I have read about. If anyone could go into detail about these flaws I would appreciate it a lot:

-skipping problems

-button problems

-oled problems.

anything else important I am missing?

The mp3 problems I am not concerned about...neither am I concerned about scratching it.

I am most worried about the skipping problems, button problems, and oled. I don't understand the oled problems much even after reading about them.

Thanks for the replys!

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Hello again, thanks so much for the buying guidance. I lost my auction for the RH10 and thought...if I am going to spend 200+ on a used item, I may as well spend another 100 for something new. So I bought an RH-1 from minidisco instead. Found the thread with the discount code (that still works) so thankyou!

Now maybe this thread can end and you guys can help me figure this thing out :pleasantry:

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ok, so I searched ebay and have found one NH1, three RH-10s, and two NH700s. Just in case no one here has any recorders they are willing to part with, What should I expect to pay for each of these models used?

You can EASILY find an MZ-NH700 (and an Australian one at that and not a European one, not recommended due to the notorious EU volume cap) and MZ-RH1 Hi-MD units both ala carte and in bundle deals through MiniDisc Access at http://www.minidiscaccess.com/generic76.html

I myself own two MZ-NH700 units (and 2 D-NE700 ATRAC CD units, one of each I use and one in case they break or get stolen), and I think they offer the most bang for your buck, and, oh yeah, as for the AC adapter, if you live here in the USA you can get the North American version of that same AC power adapter through Sony DAPC at http://servicesales.sel.sony.com/ecom/acce...ortable%20Audio I know it says it works with the MZ-NH900 but it is also included stock with th MZ-NH700 too.

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