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Zoom Finally gets it Right !

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That really signifies the end of MD... + I saw 1GB SD cards for about 9€ lately...

Oh, well, I still have my reasons to stay with MD: not only have I now got a whole Hi-fi component installation including Hi-MD with timed recording, but Hi-MD is the just the right size to handle.

+ my RH1's have good playback features too. & I like the MD sound signature.

I did thre guitar repairs today that will net me more than enough to go get it , Iwont have to Sell nuttin , especially my RH1 , Dats myne!

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Looks genuinely awesome especially with the surround sound capability from a M/S mic setup. I'm a big fan of M/S setups anyway but to extend their ability to record 5.1 is almost miracle stuff.

The only thing that puzzled me was the battery consumption. 2 AA's only last 4 hours on a machine with no moving parts??? That seems pretty strange. Maybe it's one of those gizmos that work much better with NIMH batteries.

I freaked even more when I saw the price listed for this whizbang gizmo. $200 for this??? Wow! For a video oriented guy like me this thing is just begging to be scarfed up. Wow!

You might be right about this being the MD killer Mr. Wizard. When battery life is the only thing that looks worrisome then they have done a lot of things right. Hang on to your MD's boys because Samson has come to town. Number one with a bullet if you ask me.

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