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Looking for a cheap N707

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This may be a bit ambitous of me but Im looking for a N707 unit for under 60 dollars(without shipping)

Reason is that I need a unit to record with that has an optical and line in(the recording sources arent all digital). I also like the look of the N707 and the fact that I can modify the firmware to make it a higher end model. I already have discs since I own an NF520D.

Anyone out there willing to help out?

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Proceed with extreme caution: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=72 - "wild MZ-N707 hack"

Edit: Big emphasis on "extreme." I don't want to be responsible if you end up bricking your N707, but that's one trick that you can do with it.

Congrats on your N707!

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Thanks for your warnings. i was able to locate a unit on ebay so this topic is kind of useless now.

On another note though. Once it arrives, what are some tips and tricks I can try with it.

The biggest thing to worry about is the recording head wiring, it will go bad, it will randomly erase discs, if you can't do it, have someone repair the wiring before it breaks.

After all that enjoy your unit,


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What exactly is wrong with the recording head and is it easy to fix? Keep in mind Im kind of limited on tools.

If you search the threads, you will see a problem with the older MD units where the ribbon cable to the head breaks, some people have used the cable from cheap headphones, and soldered it in place od the regular cable going to the head.

Have fun,


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