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Hi-MD Blanks Vanishing From Brick-And-Mortar Stores?

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Hmm... It appears that very soon, Hi-MD blank media will be available by mail order only.

Since getting my first Hi-MD portable two years ago, there were at least a couple of stores in my local area where I could get blank Hi-MD discs. But when I needed some blanks last week, I discovered that those stores no longer stocked them. So I scrambled--went to Best Buy (what a joke--they didn't even know what "minidiscs" were!), Circuit City, etc.--nothing.

There are two Sony Style stores at malls within 25 miles of my home. I called one and was told, "Uh, we used to carry them, but we don't anymore."! And this is a store that stocks nothing but Sony products! Fortunately, the second Sony Style store still had some, but they were phasing out the Hi-MD blanks as well.

So now I have two questions:

1. How long is Sony obligated to produce blank Hi-MD media?

2. Who has the best deal online for Hi-MD blanks?

Thanks--and long live Hi-MD!

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Sony's sense of honor for producing old formats is not the highest. I don't know how long they will make them, my guess is until folks don''t buy enough to warrant production.. For mail order, try the minidisco site that sponsors this forum, they have good prices and you are helping indirectly keep the forum solvent

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Not that I cant get them online, but I've been swooping down from the Rockies here to foothils towns to snatch up the MDs left at any Best Buy store I find. They all say they arn't getting any more in. Got 20 more gold discs today

Just purchased 20 blank Hi-MD from Tape Warehouse dot com for a reasonable price.

They do go in and out of stock.

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