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Headphone amp?

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Lets just say if I were to get a headphone amp, would it just make things sound worse and introduce noise, or would it sound even better? 'Cause after hanging out at the Head-Fi forums I think I've caught the headphone amp bug. Anyone has experience with headphone amps such as the cmoy or Tomahawk or Supermini IV, etc? I think there is always room for improvement.

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do you want for portable applications? or for home use?

what type of headphones? what source?

i have an AT-HA20 audiotechnica amp that i use pretty much as a direct amp from a turntable.

i've also used it to boost my laptop audio output on shitty speakers when travelling.

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The source was going to be a RH1, but I came to my senses and told myself I didn't need one. That amp you mentioned looks nice though. I might just get a portable amp just for the sake of it. Do you think the SQ would improve on the RH1 with a good amp?

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no not really unless you have demanding phones, certainly not with the ones in your sig.

don't get me wrong it's always fun to buy something new but i don't think it'll add much at all to your musical enjoyment

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