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HD5 USB Cable charge

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this kinda goes with my other thread about the Ac adaptor.

i know you can charge the hd5 with a usb cable and that may be sufficent for me..

i was wondering lets say my hd5 is completely dead and i can only charge it for 1 hr at a internet cafe in thailand :D . how much of a charge would that give me?

(someone said it takes 6-7 hrs to charge full on the usb) so it would give a few hours of playback or so??

just trying to get an idea of if i REALLY need to take a ac adaptor or just go with USB.

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I read somewhere(HD5 manual ) that Player first checks the condition of battery for first 15min before it starts to charge .This every time you plug your A/c Adapter or USb charge .I tried to charge the My hd5 using USb using USb for 2hours but i got 25% 30 % battery charged .

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My question is different but can be same titled post so I continue from here.

Maybe Li ion batteries can be charged any time but all batteries lose performance while performing and being charged at the same time. Like calling while charging with a mobile phone, adding songs needs battery usage and (while performing mp3 addition) it is also charged. I do not want charge while connecting to PC-adding songs. I have Motorola mpx200 and it uses same usb cable (universal mini usb cable). I cover a pin inside the jack getting in phone with a piece of paper. It is same with covering a pin pluging in pc usb port. (that pin is red covered cable of power). My mpx not charged while sync' . But it is not worked with NW-HD. After a few covereage of different pins, I have seen that any 3 pins open is sufficent to transfer data and electrons like parallel circuits.


IS IT A WAY to disable usb charge while connecting our walkmans to PC.

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