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The Most beautiful Website in existence

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Which Would you Choose  

  1. 1. Which would be the first one you would grab

    • Kyara ?
    • Ruri ?
    • Shiro ?
    • Shikkoku ?
    • Beniaka ?

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Man 95 views and only two votes .

Ok I guess there are too many Butwiper drinkers here ....I mean Budweiser ...sorry .

Single Track Copper Ale , La Fin Du Monde ( wish I had a bottle of that) , Colorado IPA , must I go on ????

I don't partake any more, but when I did some of my faves were Makeson Stout, Labatts Old Stock, Pilsner Urquell, Labatts Bock Beer,

good stuff all,


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don't like the website at all but i can't stand flash nor sites the open new windows at maximum size. not to mention the sound off toggle didn't stop the sound...

PSSSTTTTTTTTT !!!! The hypnotic Beauty of the Beers passing by you didnt titilate you at all? Shame on you ,You have no heart sir .


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