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Question about RH1

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As far as I know, the US and Asian ones are pretty much the same physically (they differ in some ways, such as which remote ships with them). Most of them are made in Malaysia although some markets seem to be getting Made in China units. I don't think anyone in the US buying from a US store has gotten anything except made in Malaysia, which is considered superior to a Chinese unit, but I don't know if there have ever been any real tests as to build quality differences.

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I ordered mine from USA cause the euro units have a few diferces:

-less volume output due europe rules

-No ferrite core on the remote

-Much expensive thant the Usa one.

Also the euro unit dosen't come with 1GB disc, no disc is included with it.

Usa Unit dosen't have Worldwide Warranty.....only for the usa market.

The ac-dc apator was the same , cause it was a Worldwide 100-240V and 50/60HZ.

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If you weren't planning on investing in a 40ELK to use with your RH1, getting the JP pack version is critical for the 35ELK is included, which is way better than the 38EL, due to higher resolution and a better quality build, even if they look very much alike from the outside. I sure got a good price for my CA RH1, but I should have really gone for another JP one, which would hardly have cost much more. Plus I do like silver ;)

So the only difference is the remote?

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The packaging box is smaller also, no Hi-MD disc included nor optical cable nor ferrite core for the remote, as mentioned before.

Interesting, I bought mine from Sony Style in Christchurch (New Zealand), and they sell the EU8 model here, which has the optical cable (no Hi-MD disk though).

As for 'ferrite core' - what do you mean by that? what advantage does it have over the 'standard' (EU) one?

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It has been said before that the ferrite core doesn't make a difference on the remote after extensive testing.

@ the wizard of oz, how is the build quality better on the 35ELK? Is the slide button smoother and more responsive? I find the one on the MC38EL is very bad and hard to push in at times.

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