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Is this a new Hi-MD recorder?

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that isnt new , it is the RH1 , RH and M200 are the same machine . I noticed they added the "Pro" moniker to it

At Sony Asia , MD isn even listen any more , not even Blanks , If you look at Sony Asia , They have CD/Cassette Players, Voice recorders , but no MD

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Yeah , it isnt available here in Japan , I looked on the Asia site .....nothing no md at all

What do you say ???? I've just have a look at sony japan, and it is not true:


and sony china:


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It's the JP sites that count.

+ that link shows just consumer grade audio, not semi-professional / professional gear.

If it were an exhaustive list, their PCM-D1 would have been listed.

Your MiniDiscouragement is misleading you, Yoda.

humbly accepted , the ways of this planet still , I yet do not know completely . Sadness , yes I do feel , the Strength of the Source with this technologie , important is is with me .

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