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SONY MZ-R900 charging problem

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I recently pulled out my MZ-R900 to see if it was still operational.

When I tried to charge the battery, the charging message comes up, but the screen immediately goes blank.

Any suggestions?

I have not used it in about two years.

I tried the replacement battery I had been using as well as the original battery.



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Try inspecting/cleaning the battery contacts on the battery and the unit itself.

There was some oxidation, but no change in the result.

Would a totally dead battery prevent the charging?

I don't want to invest in a new battery if the unit is toast.

Anyone have an old battery they would donate to the cause?

A cheap new battery source would also be appreciated.

I also would be in the market for a battery charger is someone wanted to unload one.



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NH-14WM - regular gum stick

I am planning to pull out my old mz-r900 soon, and expect to have the same problem.

When I first bought it (second hand), there was very minor oxidation on the terminal that pops out when you open the gumstick battery compartment. I scrubbed it all clean but no joy. When I plugged in to charge it would show up the "charging" message but would only work for seconds once I tried it on battery alone. I replaced the battery and the same thing happened. Eventually it seemed as if there just was not a good contact with the terminal, and this was confirmed because I could "squeeze" the top of the player (ie grip it at either end, where the terminals would be, and it would work normally until I relaxed the pressure.

So I just found some copper wire and twisted it into a strand, and popped it in on top of the terminal when I closed the compartment. I used just enough wire so that there was a snug fit, and it worked fine.

I think part of the problem was an old battery as well, but improving the terminal connections was a big help. This time around I might do the same thing, or maybe place just a little bit of solder onto the terminal.

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Using a MZR 900 since 2001, and never get this problem.. anyway I had to quy a new gumstick and here, in Italy, it's very cheap (12E) so I think it's worth for such a superb unit!! (Sometimes it kicks the rh1 in SQ).

Anyway, I got this problem: when the unit is off for a while, when operating the display doesn't work.. it doesn't display anything.. any ideas? maybe this is also your problem?

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So ... got out my 20 year old MZ-R900.  Works perfect other than not charging battery.  Tried new battery, no better.  Tried using a strip of copper wire ...ta-daa! working.   One thing I noticed on my device is that there is a crack in the battery cover that means there isn't full pressure on the battery terminal.  I cleaned the copper terminal, cut a 10mm piece of copper wire and bent it into tight U shape.  Then hooked it under the spring section of the terminal in the cover (so it stays in place).  Now it charges!

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