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need to buy a portable

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i need a non hi-md portable that uses a internal "aa" battery does anyone want to get rid of one. i live in the U.S . please let me know is any one has one for sale. i dont have much money but i love minidisc and the units are getting hard to find except for the ultra expensive ones which i cant afford.

oops i just realized i posted in the wrong section. this should be in the classifieds. can someone please move it? thanks.

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Sorry my bad, I missed the non HiMD bit. Seems to loads of them on ebay and most used forums.

Is there much of a difference between non HiMD and HiMD players in terms of battery life?

Battery life on a Hi-MD unit is about half that of a NetMD.

I would highly recommend either a MZ-N505 or a MZ-NF610. I've had both of these units for years with no problems (the NF610 has a radio too, built in to the remote) - battery life with one "AA" is 40-50 hours at LP2. On eBay, as of this morning (Saturday 8/11) there are 8 MZ-NF610s for an average price of $30, and 10 or so MZ-N505 for around the same price). Again, I'd get the MZ-NF610 - has a radio and more features than the 505.

I understand what you are saying about buying from someone on the forum - but you'll have to wait for something to show up here, vs. eBay where you can get something NOW.

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